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Om Shenet

Shenet Shenet is a Swedish information service on skin care, perfumery and aromatherapy. So far, some 1.200 pages have been published on the medicine, chemistry, history and laws of these subjects. The site is used by consumers and professionals mostly in the Nordic countries - Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.
Languages The information on Shenet is in Swedish. In part it may be quite readable to international users, as names of ingredients and formulas are always translated into English and often into other languages as well. A reader with some knowledge on the subject will be quite able to understand a formula. For example, a basic cold cream formula would look like this:
Mandelolja - 100 gram
Rosenvatten  - 75 gram
Bivax - 25 gram
By following the links one will immediately find the ingredients to be:
• Almond oil - 100 grams
• Rose water - 75 grams
• Beeswax - 25 grams
Search terms in English and other languages on Shenet.
Sources • Text sources to the information are Swedish and English editions of pharmacopoeias, medical and botanical text books, materia medicas, contemporary guides to herbal medicine, and classical texts on medicine and natural and general history. Internet sources, from established senders, are used very sparingly.
• References to used sources are given at the end of each page. Complete information is to be found on the reference pages covering literature and links.
Editioning The material is divided into:
Plants ("Växter") used in external medicine.
Ingredients ("Råvaror") used in skin care, perfumery and aromatherapy products.
Formulas ("Recept"), from ancient to contemporary.
Reference pages ("Referens") to links, literature, weights and volumes, etc.
Search page ("Sök") where terms in English and other languages may be searched.
Forum: English speaking readers are welcome. Start on administrator's help ("Hjälpforum") for a hint on how the forum is divided into subjects.
Legal terms • Shenet does not buy or sell any of the ingredients or products covered.
• Shenet does not give medical advice on these or other subjects.
• Shenet does not take responsibility for the use of the information given. The texts are not in any way to be seen as recommendations for use but are published for informational and educational reasons.
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