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Gammal 2011-06-07
li2xiao84 li2xiao84 är offline
Medlemsdatum: 2011-04-23
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prom dresses in dreaming wedding

"To me, the tiered wedding cake is nonnegotiable. You have to keep the top so you can eat it on your first anniversary, Inverted Triangle Shape Bridal Gowns or your husband will leave you for a massage therapist."VENUE: Campus weddings are best in summer, when students have vacated the premises and parking is easier. But think twice about an outdoor reception; it gets expensive to bring in a tent and all the fixings. Stick to an indoor space (like an alumni or athletic center with banquet facilities) instead. $750DECOR: Choose a game day–themed luncheon or, if you're not jocks, go with an academic look. Have the florist make arrangements incorporating the school colors, name guests' tables after college courses, and make bookmark favors with notes explaining that a donation has been made to a scholarship fund. $500FOOD: Keep it simple and do stations of your college favorites, such as sliders and fries, nachos, hot wings, and ramen noodles with gourmet toppings. Rent an ice cream cart for dessert. $6,000DRINK: Since it's the middle of the day, Little White Bridal Gowns guests won't expect a full bar—which can save you big bucks. If your gang had a go-to drink back in the day (remember rum and Coke?), resurrect it as a signature cocktail. And have a couple of kegs of beer, which you can serve in cups featuring the school logo. $1,500MUSIC: You're surrounded by young talent that's hurting for cash. Hire a string quartet or some key members of the college orchestra or band. (Get referrals from the student-activities office or the music department.) Put the school song on your playlist. $500RENTALS: Talk to the facilities, admissions, and athletics departments about decor, like banners, that they use for game days or promotional events. Cut down on rentals by using a space that's already outfitted with tables, chairs, and other essentials, to free up your budget so you can splurge on linens. Also put money toward lighting: Rent perimeter lights (save by handling pickup, delivery, and setup yourself). They'll help change the room's mood. $300TOTAL: $9,550. 相关的主题文章: Cataclysm without wow power leveling
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