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Google is your friend.

Hittade nedanstående citat som verkar förklara rätt så bra. Talar dock inget om gel stadiet. På UK forumet har jag sett att det är inte alla som låter sina tvålar "gella." (gå med i det forumet, det är världens vänligaste forum)

"Like firewood, as the soap cures, most of the water used in the recipe evaporates out of it. Cured soap is harder, milder, and more "finished."

How long to cure it?

There are really two purposes to cure:

To make sure that the saponification process is completely complete. This generally takes about 24-48 hours. Yes...I know it sounds like blasphemy...but your soap really IS safe to use after a couple of days.
Now...before you all yell at does become milder as it ages and cures more...but only a TINY TINY bit. 99% of the ph changes happen in the first 48 hours.

The real reason to cure your soap is for the water to evaporate. A harder bar of soap will last longer, lather better and just be overall better soap. For this, yes, wait a few weeks.
Now, if you discount your water (use less water than your recipe calls for) you can reduce your cure time. The less water you put IN...the less time you have to wait for the water to evaporate out."
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